The Beginner’s Guide To How To Clean Laminate Floor!

You have got yourself an attractive new laminate, installed freshly and looking at the area in the home

Everything is dandy and fine until someone spills some wine or even a cup of tea on floor particularly, when they perform it once per week at least.

At that time, how will you keep the new shiny laminate looking gorgeous? Even more significantly, how will you protect this from scratches and scrapes that will appear inevitably in an active house, particularly when it is full of pets and kids?

Laminate flooring gets their gorgeous appearance from photographic reproduction that is layered within plastic protective coatings on the “supporting-core” of wooden material.

Although laminate floors seem like the hardwood, they can’t be re-finished and even are challenging to repair. In case laminate tends to worn down, regrettably, it must be replaced. Therefore, it is worth your effort and time to protect the investment by trying to keep them clean.

I’m here to assist you. Listed below are the best tips to keep your laminate floor thoroughly clean, free from bacteria and dirt, and protected from damage and scratches. Also, check out this instructional video. [d1] 

To begin with, you will require 2 things: an appropriate cleaning solution and a “micro-fiber” mop.

  1. Cleaning Solution:

Not to mention, you can easily use a cleaning solution (homemade) or purchase the manufacturer’s solution.

A great recipe for the homemade cleaner for laminate floor is just to take one part vinegar as well as put this in a “spray-bottle” with three parts water. This works superbly, particularly for cleaning the “high-gloss” laminate.

I suggest you to consider “Krono-Kleen” Laminate and Wood Flooring Cleaner. It is completely natural and even is truly great for the floors.

No matter whichever solution you’re using, apply the solution on the “mop-pad” instead of spraying this directly onto floor. A couple of squirts of the spray ought to be enough to clean up a 3×3 meter space without difficulty.

Keep in mind – you should never pour water onto the laminates directly as wood “fiber-core” can swell as well as bend the plank.

  • Microfiber Mop:

The microfiber mops can glide across floor collecting pet hair and dust very easily. The “swivel-head” makes this very fast to wash large spaces, and they also get under chairs and tables with ease.

Additionally, they need less water that is important while dealing with the laminates as they warp effortlessly if revealed to water.

Laminate Floors Cleaning Instructions!

  • Take out the surface dirt utilizing a vacuum cleaner or dry mop set to the wood floors
  • Now dampen the “microfiber-pad” with hot water as well as spray on cleaning solution
  • Clean the floor using the mop
  • Once the “microfiber-pad” gets very dirty just – rinse, change and continue
  • As soon as you’re finished, rinse off the “microfiber-pad” and put this in washing machine.

Additional Cleaning Tips For Best Result!

  • It is recommended to vacuum or sweep in a way that floor is “laid-in” to collect the dust between grooves rather than trapping this.
  • Have one or two spare “microfiber-pad” so that you have one always to mop up the spillages quickly while some are in wash.
  • However, you do not need to carry a large bucket of hot water with you. Just one “microfiber-pad” can simply last for 2 rooms or even more, therefore, you do not have to rinse out it in sink frequently. There is no “high duty” wringing or squeegeeing as with the spaghetti mop.

Things To Avoid While Cleaning The Laminate Floors!

  • Don’t use sponge mops or spaghetti mops which use lots of water
  • Don’t clean floors kneeling having a damp cloth
  • Don’t use a broom or vacuum if your “laminate-floor” has a piano or high gloss surface. As an alternative, use a “dry-mop” to clean the loose surface dust and then continue to make use of a wet mop with the cleaning solution
  • You should never soak “microfiber-mop” pad – simply dampen it
  • You must wipe any big spills up instantly with paper towel, dry cloth or a sponge to prevent staining or warping
  • The surface of laminate floor is not the real wood, therefore you should not sand, re-surface, polish or wax it.
  • Don’t use anything at all with chemicals which promote a shine and clean
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners or bleach which can damage the surface


As now you understand how to clean the laminate floor properly, it is time to begin protecting this by introducing a few manageable and simple tips.

If you do not have any after that buy some indoor or outdoor mats for entrance of the home. It will hopefully motivate people to clean their shoes just before they get into your home, or even better, execute a “no-shoes” rule!

Additionally, you should make sure that you handle any spillages immediately because, if left, then they’re more prone to leave harmful stains on the floor which can be persistent or even difficult to shift!

Therefore, you now have a couple of important things to remember when you are next cleaning the laminate floor to attain that desired shine!

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