How To Clean Hardwood Floor 101: The Essential Guide!

We will always pick wooden floor over carpeting as soon as possible. You just cannot beat the high warmness of the natural wood. Additionally, cleaning up the spillages and stains is a piece of cake, in comparison to sprinkling “baking-soda” all over the carpet and wishing for the very best.

But, hardwood floors also are the delicate creatures vulnerable to deterioration if you do not know exactly how to maintain finishing properly, and it can lead to a costly round of “re-flooring” down the road.

You may know that cleaning is definitely the best approach to keep our family and ourselves hygiene and safe. Therefore cleaning the hardwood floor is a way to achieve that.

However, we also need to remember that cleaning the hardwood sometimes can be difficult and the cleaning process can also damage the hardwood.

Therefore, we must know the most effective and simple way to get this done. I’m going to discuss the entire process and a few ways below. Keep reading. Here’s a short video for you to know more about hardwood flooring and maintenance.

Best Ways To Clean The Hardwood Floors!

  1. Basic Things You Can Do:

So before you start, gather the supplies and make a plan. In case you have dogs, try putting them in a bedroom or the yard when you clean to ensure that they steer clear of your path. Move the furniture as well as area rugs faraway from areas you will have to clean. Now, take rugs outside. Give them good shake for removing dust and dirt.

  • Vacuum First:

Start by giving your floor a comprehensive vacuum. Focus on the high-traffic spaces like hallways and doorways.

But do not forget about the hidden spots – tiny stones, dirt and pet hair often get stepped on and gather in the low-traffic spaces such as the “toe-kick” under the furniture or the cabinet. While you are vacuum-cleaning, thoroughness is important!

Make a weekly schedule of vacuuming the floors. Once per month, your floors ought to be mopped thoroughly to “deep clean” the wood as well as make this shine.

Tips To Mop The Hardwood Floors Effectively!

Step: 1

Never mop the floor until you have swept as well as vacuumed it. As soon as that is finished, grab the mop!

Step: 2

Fill a bucket or the sink with warm water and the preferred “wood floor” cleaning solution. At the same time, you can blend 1 cup white vinegar or a teaspoon of “dish-soap” in a hot water gallon.

Step: 3

Now you need to evaluate the floor. Do you see sticky substances there? Use an “ice-cube” to freeze caught on gunk; after that scape this off with putty plastic knife or outdated credit card. Create a cleaning path; start in one part of your room and then work in reverse so that the floor gets time to be dried before you stroll over it.

Step: 4

Before you mop, rinse off your mop in the sink with warm water to remove any dust from the last time while you utilized it. Now, work your mop in the “S” motion, by leading with same edge each time to catch debris rather than simply spreading this around.

Step: 5

You must not saturate the wood floor with water; therefore wring your mop every time you soak it in solution. So, how often need you to dunk mop head? Just rinse off it in cleaning solution whenever you complete a 4-foot sq. section of the floor. Change the mopping solution each time you proceed to another room.

Step: 6

When the floor surfaces are clean, make use of a floor polish or wax for making them shine.

Additional Tips To Clean Hardwood Floor!

  • Clean up the spills instantly to prevent floor’s over-exposure to dampness
  • Cleaning the hardwood floor with vinegar isn’t suggested. Abrasiveness of the vinegar can harm the surfaces, particularly when it is not diluted
  • The Bona cleaner for floor is possibly the ideal hardwood floor cleaning solution
  • While cleaning routinely, stay away from using brooms or wet-mops. Canister and upright vacuum cleaners can be a perfect alternative. The HEPA filters and vacuum bags assist to hold dust and prevent dirt from moving back into air of your home that is a regrettable “side effect” of mopping
  • Include the area rugs created from breathable materials in all the high-traffic spaces. It is another illustration of how you can keep the hardwood floor clean
  • Make use of doormats on exterior and interior of the home to avoid moisture, dirt and other particles from getting tracked in as well as putting hardwood floor at risk
  • You can also add rubber pads or cork to the base of chairs & other furniture put on the hardwood floors
  • You have to lift the furniture which must be moved instead of dragging it
  • Try keeping the pet nails clipped to avoid scratches


I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering the best ways to take a great care of the hardwood floor and prolong the beauty and life of it.

Maintaining hardwood flooring flawless not just makes the home look wonderful, it is also an excellent way to assist mother earth. Visualize every household owner doing their required research and maintaining the home’s flooring. This will greatly decrease the necessity to cut the trees.

Needless to say, a “well-maintained” hardwood ought to last a couple of centuries as well as you can easily pass on it even to the great-grandchildren.

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